I wanted to start my new blog off the way I start many of my financial workshops…with a little laughter and a lot of truth!  Most of us have a very hard time admitting to ourselves that we can’t afford to buy what we want.  After all, we work hard and deserve it right?  I think part of the problem comes from how we manipulate the definition of the word “afford”.  The dictionary makes it sound so simple… af·ford (/əˈfôrd/) verb – have enough money to pay for.

Note the word afford is a verb (remember, those are the action words) like the word run.

You certainly wouldn’t tell yourself or anyone else you’re running a marathon, when in fact, you plan to run 2.62 miles every month for 10 months.  So why is it we’ve convinced ourselves we can afford to buy those “must have” item when we only plan on making payments over the next several months?  Bottom line is, when making your next purchase ask yourself if you have the money to pay for it today…other wise, Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford.