Instant content for military spouses, business owners, landlords, and tax professionals.

In this 22-page, 7-part course workbook, I break down everything you need to know about starting your tax business. We talk about:

  • Requirements and suggested certifications

  • Finding your niche

  • Creating a brand

  • How to set up your business finances

  • What you need to run your day-to-day operations

  • How to price your services and grow your business

  • Workspace essentials that you need 


The premier and comprehensive guide to understanding the MSRRA and avoiding excessive taxation. Written specifically for military spouses and those who prepare income taxes for military families. State-specific filing requirements and form links are included.


Macros make the process of repetitive data entry easier by setting a string of data to a keyboard shortcut. I’ve consolidated the 27 most common macros to increase productivity. Sch E, Form 8949, Form 8283, Form 2848, and more!


This form will allow you to organize your finances in a simple and easy to understand format. All fields can be edited to better serve your rental business needs.


This spreadsheet is perfect for small business owners looking for a simple way to organize their business finances and stay in compliance with federal and state estimated tax payments. This sheet will tell if you should submit estimated taxes and will make filing your Schedule C a breeze!