Check Your Mailbox For These Tax Documents

red mailbox

W-2: Reports your earned income if you worked for an employer

1098: Reports mortgage interest and points you paid

1098-E: Reports student loan interest you paid

1098-T: Reports payments you made for qualified tuition and expenses

1099-MISC: Reports income you received from taxable activity like rental real estate, contract work, or prizes won

1099-INT: If you earned at least $10 in interest from a bank, you should receive this form

1099-DIV: Reports taxable dividends you received from an investment

1099-C: If you had a debt of at least $600 canceled, it will be reported on this form

Childcare Statement: In order to claim the child and dependent care credit, ask your care provider for this statement

Contact me for help determining what forms to expect this tax season based on your unique situation.