gone_girl_review_1.0Last night my husband and I went to see Gone Girl and loved it.  As we watched the lives of Nick and Amy Dunne unfold, their financial misbehavior stood out to me like a neon light!  Money troubles continue to be one of the top causes of divorce in the U.S.  The Dunnes committed these 3 money no-no’s you can easily avoid.

1.  They didn’t communicate – Both individuals opinions should be asked for and listened to before any financial decision are made.  Couples who learn to communicate about money early in their relationship are building a solid foundation for future success.

2.  He didn’t read – Don’t sign anything you haven’t read and/or don’t understand…even if your spouse is asking you to do so.  He/she should be more than willing to explain all financial documents requiring your signature.

3.  No one checked – Everyone should be checking their credit report at least once a year for errors and fraud.  Get a free report from each of the three reporting agencies at www.annualcreditreport.com.  To look more than once a year, consider spacing out each report (i.e. TransUnion in January, Experian in May, and Equifax in September).