Push Back Time

taxtimeYou only have 1 week left – that’s 7 more days – until your 2013 federal tax return is due!  If you’re still waiting for the tax fairy to magically appear and prepare your tax return…give me a call, I may be able to fit you in. 😉

For you brave citizens who insist on preparing your own taxes and have waited until the last minute, relieve some stress by filing IRS Form 4868, Automatic Extension of Time to File.  Submitting this form will give you an additional 6 months to file your taxes and your new due date will be 15 October 2014.  This extension is only for filing and not for payment of any amount you owe.  Taking the time to send in this form will prevent the assessment of late filing penalties.

There is a special exception for US taxpayers currently living abroad on tax day, 15 April 2014.  You lucky individuals automatically have until 16 June 2014 to both file and pay your 2013 taxes.   There are no forms you need to submit.  If however, you need more time, file Form 4868 and your new due date will be 15 October 2014.  Keep in mind, interest on taxes owed will continue to accrue if not paid by the April deadline.