shop aroundI feel like it’s our cultural responsibility to bring the best of Germany back with us to the States.  With that in mind, we’ve already begun making plans to host “Fest” at our new home.  We knew what items we wanted to purchase locally for an authentic touch and to save on shipping.  I immediately went into research mode to narrow down the best places to get everything and it was a success.

After making a purchase, I’ll often keep searching for my new item online to be sure I’ve gotten the best deal.  (I try to keep my receipts for at least 60 days so budgeting and possible returns are a lot easier.)  Today, I was shocked to see a German “Vintage Beirgarten Table” on a popular site for almost 10 times the price I just paid for mine!  I wonder what type of paint they used to justify this much of a mark-up?

In this situation, I clearly got a better deal…but that’s not always the case.  Remember to always shop around to ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck!